A selection of some of projects we have handled over the past three years.


  • Attitude and behavior survey pertaining to homes/residences
  • Female beauty-related attitudes and behavior survey
  • Cluster analysis of female lifestyle choice survey
  • Baby boomer lifestyle attitudes and behavior survey
  • Cluster analysis of career attitudes

Market View

  • Survey of private banking office (PBO) members
  • Benchmark survey of attitudes and behavior concerning soft drinks
  • Survey of alcoholic beverage distribution
  • Pharmaceutical products: surveys of distribution system and purchasing process
  • Epidemiological survey of lactic acid intake

Product and Service Development

  • Survey of dietary behavior of females aimed at capturing new sales targets
  • Confirmation of concept acceptability for pet food product development
  • Acceptability of new-product concepts for men’s facial care
  • Taste test to confirm acceptability of concept for low-alcohol beverage
  • Product test aimed at development of medical device for knees
  • Long-term use test for development of health care product
  • Design evaluation clinic for a new-concept passenger car
  • PSM survey to set prices on a restaurant menu
  • Brand study for strategic marketing of online games
  • Preview of Hollywood movies to consider promotional activities
  • Behavior survey to develop services to be offered in the business class of an international airline

Customer Satisfaction

  • Foreign users of an international airport
  • Hotel customers
  • Financial institution use (behavior and customer satisfaction)
  • Life insurance policy holders
  • Automatic analysis device for clinical testing
  • Strategic restructuring of fashion brand customer satisfaction

Brand Communication

  • Assess media user information reception behavior
  • Assess acceptability of body-care product brand relaunch
  • Evaluate TV commercial for and brand images of a financial institution
  • Measure effectiveness of campaign for new-model car launch
  • Measure effectiveness of seasonal promotions of a fast-food chain

Brand Management

  • U&A study for setting strategy for a bank brand
  • Penetration survey for a brand of cosmetics and toiletries
  • Concept acceptability survey to build a brand vision for a health food brand
  • Channel evaluation to assess customer perceptions of quality of lactic beverages
  • Survey to develop a plan to reinvigorate a members-only travel club brand

Corporate Communication

  • Effectiveness survey aimed at improving the content of a corporate communication magazine
  • Corporate image survey for a manufacturer of electrical home appliances
  • Corporate image survey conducted among science and technology students
  • CEO image survey
  • Employee survey aimed at improving the working environment

Mix of theme/method/client (2007CY)


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