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“Community solutions” provide the transparency in understanding the relevant community members by meeting them in person and getting to know them as they really are, and build a new relationship of trust that not possible in conventional focus groups and MROC.

Here is what R&D community solutions offer:

  • Consumers with common interests and values share an experience and deepen their ties to create a community.
  • With both online and offline communication; we produce the community members to strengthen ties one another.
  • Communities are operated and nurtured by community managers with the know-how to build a positive network.

<Currently Working Communities>

■ Senior Citizens Offline Communities 

iDOBATA KAIGI, tea parties for seniors in their 60s and 70s;
The insights of active senior citizens.

  • The first women’s community inaugurated in December 2012.
  • The men’s community launched in February 2014.
■U26 Community: Connecting with the Smartphone Generation

On and offline community of males aged 20 to 26.

  • Kicked off in March 2014.

※U26 and Under-26 Community are registered trademarks of Research and Development, Inc.

Japanese edition

Q.What is a “community”?
What are the benefits of forming a community?

A.Rather than making momentary or temporary groups, continuously run communities go beyond comments for appearance sake to arrive at the truth of the matter.
By learning about the background of each individual member of the community, it comes possible to probe deeper into behavior and comments, promoting better understanding of the demographic.

Q.What are features of R&D communities?
 What advantages can we expect?

A.These insight solutions are the new approaches made possible based on our wealth of knowledge developed with qualitative experience in our long years of experience with consumer research. With a good use of our experience and knowhow, we smoothly operate highly effective communities.

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