Original Research System – “CORE”

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・CORE = Concept Research System 

Since 1982, we have been conducting the proprietary CORE study, developed by R&D, to analyze
basic consumer trends.
Our syndicated research looks at demands, priorities and attitudes of demographic segments between the ages of 18 and 79. CORE is conducted annually with a panel of approximately 3000 respondents, and our findings over the years have resulted in a deep understanding of Japanese consumers.
The knowledge we have acquired to grasp consumer lifestyles and values as reflected in purchasing behavior.

1.Covering a wide range of fields and demographics

The CORE, a general survey on consumer’s lifestyle master survey, covers a wide range of fields, activities and demographics.
You can cross-analyze your own survey items with those of the master survey.
※Examples of questions asked in the master survey

  • Fundamental consumer values and attitudes
  • Attitudes towards individual consumer fields
  • Attitudes towards daily consumption
  • Contact with information and media
  • Contact with new products and services
  • Demographic characteristics
2.Time-series data over 30 years

R&D has used fixed-point observation to measure changes in consumer attitudes over the past 30 years.
We offer you this database to understand consumers and assist in your marketing activities.
Comparison of the same age group in past years facilitates cohort analysis.

3.Customized analysis and surveys

By participating in the CORE omnibus survey, you will access to cross analysis with a wide range of data from the master survey.
You can also adopt your own analytical axes to tabulate and analyze data with the master survey’s research items.

■ Brand Profile Analysis

Cross analysis with the more than 500 consumer attitude items from the master survey allows profile analysis from multiple viewpoints.

■ Concept Evaluations, Targeting, Brand Positioning Analysis

We have original analytical tools such as “New Lifestyle Clusters” and “Demands Clusters”, which enable more extensive strategic analysis.

■ Probing for Concept Development Ideas

By understanding trends and recognizing signs of consumer attitude’s change as well as those in related fields, you will find clues for developing concepts and probing market opportunities.

※CORE is a registered trademark of Research and Development, Inc.

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