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R&D feels that the most important theme for the senior market hereafter is “Japan-Initiated Dynamic Long-Lived Society.”

R&D is a participant in Industry-Academia Consortium Network “Gerontology” established by Institute of Gerontology, The University of Tokyo. The consortium is in the vanguard of research on the super aging society that Japan is facing ahead of any other country in the world, studying the roles and possibilities in that society for corporations and marketing.

R&D’s CORE includes research of the senior segment, aged 74 and under. We also have a survey system that considers the “latter-stage elderly” aged 75 and older. Our original knowhow and research findings support your marketing strategy aimed at the senior market.

■R&D’s Senior Insight covers all over Japan

Experience has shown that studies of senior citizens are not easily conducted over the Internet. In response, we take an approach that covers nationwide senior segment, including senior citizens outside of urban areas.

■”Gerontological approach” to research on senior citizens
  • Research not only on individual physiology and psychology, but also on relationships with people around them, social welfare, culture, community and other aspects of life and their mutual interactions.
  • Understanding each individual, not based on what age he/she is, but on what his/her demands are.
  • Capturing what they are now as being in the stage of changes and growth through their lifetime; from the past to the future.
  • Focusing their perspective as of ones having holistic consumer experiences, rather than of their transected consumption episodes.
  • Not only offering the conventional extrapolating forecast, but also identifying the current issues and obstacles to be solved by imagining a future aged society we should be aiming for (backcasting approaches).

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