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Connecting with the Smartphone Generation

We often hear the phrase, “young people are losing their interest in xx,” and it is representative of recent major changes in the attitudes and values of today’s youth. We put the spotlight on young males aged 26 and younger, for whom change is especially remarkable. This is a generation when deeper and truer understanding is necessary.

■U26 Community

The U26 Community engages this young generation in conversation. Through this communication, it is possible to take the hypotheses we arrive at with and carry them through to verification.
Respondents are asked to get together on a regular basis to talk in a focus group format. In addition, we also have closed online communities, which we use to get “real opinion” of the U26 segment.

■Discussion between different industries

Discussion among the different participating industries facilitates “new discoveries” that assist in greater understanding of the U26 generation.

Why not joining to observe our U26 Community if you are interested in young people and have issues connected to greater involvement by the new generation.

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